Most of you guys must have seen or even know about BuysellAds but don't know how it works or maybe you know how it works

Hey guys !!! Most of you guys must have seen or even know about BuysellAds but don't know how it works or maybe you know how it works but you haven't had the time to apply for it or still you have applied for it and you have been declined, Well don't worry we got you covered you know Buysellads is an advertising home of comfort a place where your ads don't need stress all you have to do is when they approve your blog you Organise your ads Space and you start getting call action for your space, Many bloggers love to make money online but the fact you are not getting large advertisers is because you haven't arrange the catchy catchy things that will make them love to advertise with you...Since you don't have the skills to do that or you don't have the time to do that, Here comes Buysellads there requirement before approving is a statistic to tell the advertiser what your site is all about and how it will benefit there business or company, So many bloggers have been to that site but they get rejected after applying cause they haven't arrange their blogs or are not meeting up to some certain requirement, That one thing you need to know about this advertising companies they have policy on the type of website or blog they want to work with that why many newbie don't find comfort in blogging any longer cause if your Alexa rank aren't making you standout then no Ads company will love to work with you that just the truth, So now If you are a newbie that wants to become a successful blogger then you will have to beat your hands to your chance to standout by turning your blog into a lucrative market so now let get you started on how to successfully become a Buysellads publisher


Me and you know that as an advertiser once i visit your blog to see that your blog is not well designed none of your blogpost has been ranked on google search engine not even that ..your Alexa Rank is 750,000 in your country and 2.6million worldwide, What do you expect me to do?? still advertise with you Hell no i can't do that....., You have to build a search engine friendly post where you are getting tones of like and lot of comment that what an advertiser wants!!! Remember advertising Networking companies works with advertiser demands for publishers and the kinds of website they should show ads on so that the major thing, buysellads are not google adsense that look into Quality post what they want is traffic so you have to make sure that you are prepared for becoming a publisher by writing captivating post that will make google rank your blog post


Traffic is the no.1 key to a blog success, to become a successful publisher for an advertising company you will have to first make your website a useful source for vital information where people are always visiting to read about things that can make impact in there lives or business. that what is called trusted traffic, so to win any advertiser heart you must present to them something lucrative that will be of greater benefit to them


the problem with many newbie bloggers this days are that they don't care about how there blog looks. All they want is to own a blog and keep posting, That bad i remember when i started blogging back then i went online to understand some necessary things about blogging which designing and making your blog look amazing was one of my No.2 Priority, that the same thing we are talking about here you have to design your blog very beautifully that it will attract your advertisers no one wants to advertise is or her products on a bad looking website 


The best way you can understand the way to get approve is to preview other blogs that was approved by Buysellads at this point you will understand the steps and confidence of getting approved for example head over to and search for a specific niche, Either Entertainment, Blogger or anything and Examine the data of the blog sometimes you may see low traffic blog but have social media exposure and also Alexa rank is the major factor for them to rank your blog, so the best thing to attract your advertisers is to work on your traffic


Just like i am saying right now buysellads loves social media exposure so to better win the love your blog have to be socially expose where your fans and followers are always talking about what you post and you get large base for social media discussion 

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