It never easy to be a blogger in nigeria not like other countries where there are thousands of ways people promote there content, but in nigeria it is very difficult to get a loyal visitor, We all know how a forum can make impact to our blog traffic, Just as social media have been helping many bloggers today that how forum works, In nigeria there are only few among thousands of forum that are well coded and have a wide range of visitors a month and those forums are what i am going to be sharing with you today so that you know and start preparing for traffic, Just for those that don't know what forum is see below

A forum is one site where people come together to talk about latest things and something trending ranging from Sport, Music, Entertainment, Technology, Movies, Education, Blogging and lot more each and every day of our lives we get exposed to new things either from friends or Online those are the power of a forum you go there read and keep coming for more

That why today we are going to be Enlightening you on sites that serve up well in forums and discussion boards if you are a blogger this is for you follow me step by step as i am going to list out this forum and give you a little description about them and there stat count for you to know how we have discover them

If you are a nigerian and you don't know nairaland then you are not social cause nairaland is the No.1 leading online forum and discussion board for nigerians and worldwide, Nairaland land has been in existence since 2008 till today and they have a visitor count of over 1,761,482 and a counting member of 3,412,341, Every minute of every new day more people join the board cause it live and happening there | If you are a blogger that knows how to write a quality and captivating post then Nairaland can give you massive traffic just in a day If you must know when i was still running an entertainment blog i got 38,000 visitors from Nairaland and 4,873 of those visitors shared my post and till when i shutdown my blog i was still ripping from the traffic which Nairaland gave me that it to cut the story short visit Nairaland today sign up it totally free and start making Quality post with a dofollow backlink to your site so click here to SIGN - UP

Naija Republic is a blogging site that it owner found the love of owning a forum and immediately create a well cleaned and simple forum, The forum is actually new but within a short period of time they have been able to gain their way into the Board and now the site has a low range of visitors which is the site visitors per month is counting low as a starter but with a few more time they will top the chart of Forum leadership in Nigeria cause the site is well designed and organised simple and easy to use forum where you can chat share stories and get people to talk about your post so click here to SIGN-UP and get started

Gurus lodge wow the name sounded more like a motel name when i first heard it but the gurus lodge is a forum in Nigeria Popularly known by few the site is the second leading forum in Nigeria that rank closely the same factor with nairaland, Just after Nairaland you will meet Gurus lodge cause the site has a Big turn for it visitors, Gurus lodge has a Mini massive traffic there visitors count are 1.9 Million and a counting member of 216,462 members you can archive your Traffic goals with Gurus lodge and become the famous blogger you have thought of becoming to join the site click SIGN UP

Nigeria message board is just another place to enjoy the better feature of a real forum you can get larger traffic from there and also earn money for whatsoever you participate in on the site they pay you for your clicks comment and lot more the forum as an estimate of 230,000 visitors and 488,000 members and still counting they are more of fun as you can get better traffic to your blog from there click SIGN UP to join the site now


This is the final one Forum Nigeria is a nigeria cloned website as nairaland the website has been able to make impact in the forum mirror circle the website has the approximate count of 123k visitors and 159k topics the website share it information similar to Nairaland as it is clone copy of Nairaland Interface you can post there and get a huge traffic for your blog kindly click here to SIGN UP

NOTE: Hope you don't mind leaving a comment below if you have any query, we want to know our visitor cause we will be given free gift to our potential visitors we don't want you to be left out just comment below so we will be keeping record till date


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