In the world of blogging keyword plays a better role on SERP, Average bloggers don't use keywords on there blog post which is a very necessary step to take, The truth is you will never get higher ranking on Google search engine

Hello bloggers welcome to this blog again I am still Richard Odds the little techy guy behind this blog, In every year google change there search engine algorithm and many bloggers have been battling with building a better relationship with Google search engine for a better crawl rate and page rank, but many bloggers really haven't understand the ways google search engine and it spiders works so today i am going to be out-listing some very important and positive impact you should take if you want to build a last longing relationship with Google engine, organised your SEO and SERP


KEYWORDS: In the world of blogging keyword plays a better role on SERP, Average bloggers don't use keywords on there blog post which is a very necessary step to take, The truth is you will never get higher ranking on Google search engine result if you don't implement the rightful keywords for your blog post, If you are using WordPress there are better chances for you to generate higher keywords for your blog post and If you are using blogger platform for blogging then you should always work with your Permalink, Title,Heading tag, and most importantly your description it helps build a stronger search result, Also do know that when implementing keywords on your blog post you should not over do it cause it might affect your SERP at lease work with a keyword density of around 2.5% or 5% and also do not repeat keywords

PERMALINK: Is the number two ranking factor for bloggers who want to see the light of google search engine, always make your permalinks captivating but don't let it be unrelated to your blog topic, keep it away from stop words like { Are, an, but, can, after,} Your blog will get better search result if you don't use stops words

CONTENT LENGTH: Gage your words and write quality content, all text written on your blog are index by google and as following the release of Google hummingbird update Google love's long text that is rich and quality, the more your text are long the more your content will rank on Google and you know the engine are updated with new words every day, so you should always try and make a quality content which could be up-to 600 words and also do not use excessive words, don't repeat too many words, write on fresh topics, build engagement with top sites and also use images related to your blog post

HEADING TAGS: H1,H2,H3,H4,H5,H6 are the sensitive part to use but should be used properly in a blog, Mostly H2 and H3 other tags can be used as well but H1 tags should only be used one time in a single page but you can use other tags unlimited

FRESH CONTENT: Just like i mention above google search engine are updated with new words every day so that give google enough reason to rank sites or blog with fresh content, so producing fresh content on either daily basics or thrice a week is very good, And will help you rank higher on google search engine, besides it is not a compulsory fact that you must produce new content on a daily basics depending on your niche you could at at lease produce 2 to 3 times a week

EXTERNAL LINKS: the best and fast way to build a better ranking is through external links but linking to a bad site or site that violate google policy and has been flagged by google will hurt your site PR so link to site that are trusted and have higher authorities over the net, also always use no-follow tags for external links on your site

BROKEN LINKS: If you have too many broken links on your site it will definitely affect your SEO and can get you into problem so the best thing is to always watch broken links on your site and try as much as possible to resolve one when you see it do not neglect them

SITE MAINTENANCE: Another thing is sometimes as much as you love to change somethings on our site and make your site beautiful or maybe trying to add new features to your site and you keep it under construction also know that as well can affect your site SEO and page rank depending for how long you keep the site under construction

CONTENT UPDATES: It nice when you update your content as google use this to determine if your website is still active and give you due credit that why you sometimes see dates along side post on google search engine another thing is it bad when you keep changing a particular post too many times it hurts your SEO, and also frustrate SERP manipulators which may lead to you loosing your ranking so always update your site content but not every time as

BLOG LOAD TIME: Google loves and give credit to site that load on time, is an example of site that load within 2 seconds so work on your blog load time it is not compulsory that your site should load the same time as google but minimum of 5 seconds is Okay...

BUILDING UNNECESSARY BACKLINKS: Most of us are running link building campaign but building too many backlinks in short period of time might get you into trouble cause building unnatural links might get google to take a close look at your site which might place your site at risk

DUPLICATE CONTENT: Never pray this happens to you cause it might get worst than you expect when google bot are checking through your site and find article that as already been indexed to it search engine google will label your content as spam and take action so try as much as possible to watch your blog post and always use Canonical

BUILDING BACKLINKS: Me and you know that google has spiders all over the world wide web and some of this spiders are designed to trail a link back to the original owner of the site or blog which is called a backlink many bloggers only understand that google use backlinks to rank a page which as at now is the 80% added value that can rank your page very very well on Google but the part you are missing is you may have thousands of backlinks but google don't calculate by quantity but by quality, If you build backlinks from sites that are not related to your niche if yes then you get credit for it but if No then that is considered a Risk sometimes called SPAM building backlinks from site that are related to yours helps you keep a long lasting relationship with Google Even Matt cutts stated that backlinks is the top on Google algorithm for ranking a page but every soon it will be less important as google are looking to change this factor

AFFILIATE LINKS: Site with too many Affiliate links are labeled as "thin affiliate" and will definitely decrease your page rank not that google is against affiliate links, it cool when you have affiliate links on your site but the problem is when you have it excessively it will affect you

So this are the ways you are CAN BUILD A LAST LONGING RELATIONSHIP WITH GOOGLE and trust me you will be outstanding among the rest please share this and leave a comment let hear from you


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