As a blogger each and every day we wake up with new ideas to help us get started with that day, As much as blogging as been the source

As a blogger each and every day we wake up with new ideas to help us get started with that day, As much as blogging as been the source of income for many bloggers we will love to be exposing new ways you can make money to help you grow bigger in the blogosphere, There are many ways bloggers earn money online in case you haven't start earning with your blog then you need to work harder to start making money, There are thousands of Company website /  blogs out there that needs professional bloggers to help them sky rocket there blog to limelight either by writing Quality content for them or becoming a social media marketer, Admin or an author for there blog but these companies aren't looking for just blogger what they are targeting are professional bloggers that as understand and learn everything that can make a blog reach it goal, Every company wants to get an online recognition for his or her site/blogs that is why they need professionals that can handle the job as they are willing to pay anything you bill them, This companies aren't interested at your bill what they want is the assurance that you can do what they want !! Now ask yourself are you qualify to work with this company don't be too fast to say YES !!! below i have listed out some important steps that you need to know before you become a paid blogger

BUILD AN ONLINE REPUTATION: Build a reputable online presence with either your blog or your name, anyone who wants to hire you will first of all google either your name or your blog name and if they can't find enough information about you on google search engine or any other search engine they will move ahead to next step which is checking through your name or your blog name on Facebook if they still can't find you then you surely can't work with them as no company will like to work with a Ghost blogger, This are why you need an online reputation by creating a standard blog which will contain details and useful information of what you can do, Your successful past jobs, your reviews and remarks from clients you have previously work with, in addition most client look into your Alexa rank and backlinks which you will also need to work on if you don't want to miss clients, As long as you have this in order companies will love to work with you.

LET THEM KNOW YOU CAN ADD VALUE: The only way you can be listed out among your competitors is when you show your hiring manager what you can do to make his or her company grow through what you are applying for either by producing Organic traffic, writing quality post, Increasing page-view and subscribers or managing his or her blog very well, which can be put into consideration by your hiring manger, It is good when you are assuring someone of something you should have a demo of it that can make the person fully convince that you can do that.

HONESTY AND CONCENTRATION: As a blogger what you will need to win the heart of many companies is honesty, If you are not an honest person then you might not get what you really want in life' many companies are willing to pay you handsomely for your work well done, Do not lie to companies on what you clearly know you can't do or haven't done before as this may end up putting you into big problems or damaging your online reputation which will jeopardize your future online jobs, When a company ask for anything give them with a free and clean mind don't copy content just to please them or fake a profile pics that is not you just to please them build an online reputation that will turn to your future investment, Also know that concentration matters most if you truly are looking for companies paid jobs cause you can't out shine your competitors if you are not concentrating on finding relevant keywords to take you higher also you should know that when a company pay you for a service it simply means he or she has buy your time which you will need to concentrate to do there job

SO NOW IF YOU FEEL WHAT HAVE WRITTEN ABOVE ARE COOL WITH YOU THEN SEE BELOW now i am going to be listing top sites that you can find paid job as a blogger and start earning massively

BLOGGINGPRO: Many people have been able to make cash out of bloggingpro, The site always update there site with fresh blogging job opportunities, freelancing jobs, and copywrting jobs they are awesomely cool and have enough companies registered with the site for you to get more jobs CLICK HERE TO JOIN BLOGGING PRO

PROBLOGGER: Is one of the best place to find paid jobs you will love this site cause while they are giving you the opportunities on how to get paid jobs they still support your blogging skills with articles that can brand you and turn you to a extra professional blogger CLICK HERE TO JOIN PROBLOGGER

SIMPLY HIRED: Simply hired is a recruitment and advertising network, they are also an employment website you will love the company because they have job listing and job boards, and social networks from thousands of site across the web you will surely like the site as you can be hired for anything blogging there CLICK HERE TO JOIN SIMPLE HIRED

MEDIA BISTRO: you can't afford to miss mediabistro the website are for media professionals and they also offer resource for films and publishing industries they offer blogging jobs on there listing and many more features about them are added there you can take extra class, online training, and interview tips about how to advance your career as a paid blogger CLICK HERE TO JOIN MEDIA BISTRO

INDEED: Indeed is a website that has over 180 million visitors monthly they offer you opportunities to search for jobs which are posted on thousands of websites with over 820,000 jobs weekly clients and employers directly post jobs on indeed and you can also post your resume to help other blogs find you as well CLICK HERE TO JOIN INDEED

WRITERS WEEKLY: I don't really have much details about them but they are dedicated to help writers you can click HERE TO JOIN AND CHECK MORE ABOUT THEM


CONTENT CENTRAL: Content central gives you the power to earn selling your content, you can write post about any thing and sell it there are many advertisers there who are willing to buy your content as long as it quality post you can sell it on content central CLICK HERE TO JOIN CC also note content central are on BETA

So this are some few sites that you can join and start getting jobs, Also do know that you can send proposals to companies letting them know how you can add value to there blogs or sites, So we have out listed this once above just to get you started so it doesn't seem as if we wrote this post and not giving you at lease a hint of how to get started, So please just help us share this post it nothing please we will always write post that will grow your blog and ideas please share this post we will so much appreciate that..


DID I MISS ANYTHING Well you can contribute yours via the comment box and we will add it to these post which simply means that this post will be updated as new contributors comes in...  Be the first to contribute any other site you know can help other bloggers earn from sponsor review or post

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