Every blogger like the choice of displaying banner ads on there sites which is a very cool way to generate money from your blog that is if your

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Every blogger like the choice of displaying banner ads on there sites which is a very cool way to generate money from your blog that is if your blog receive large amount of traffic a day, If you have grow a very large fan base and potential readers then you should know that it is at your own free will to do without ads, Yes you can decide to throw google adsense into the trash can and get started with the real business, lol!!! But many successful blogs still use Google adsense to support there own self ads and blog services, The truth is you don't need 1 million or 2 million page view to get started Just the little potential and committed one's you have are okay to get started with, Some people have more than 10k - 20k page view but still don't get adsense approval due to other reasons of site protocols or google violation or maybe you are not earning much from google adsense due to low cpc or cpm then don't you think you should start thinking of alternative on how to make money from your blog cause as a blogger you should really be making money from your blog even if not much a little is okay cause there are many bills a blogger needs to pay unless you are blogging for passion and not income so i will be listing down some ways you can making money from your blog without adsense

NO.1 WRITE AND SELL E-BOOKS: As a blogger you can write e-Books and sell it on your blog write e-books on relevant topics that can make impact to the lives of your readers, E-books are a very cool way to get started with to make some few bucks on your blog i have once sold E-book $10 for a friend titled HOW TO MAKE $800 in 3 days and $24000 in 1 month which the E-book sold 158 copies so you do the calculation i know the money is very small but he made cash out of it and the E-book got a lot of people calling me asking how he was able to come up with those ideas let me list sites you can sell your E-books apart from your blog:
Amazon is the best and number one leading E-commerce store where you can sell your e-books and make cool cash i have actually bought up to 4 e-books from Amazon and it pretty cool you can earn up to %40 to %80 royalty for your E-books cause amazon is a dream come through for any writer who wants to get quick sale, Amazon are trusted among it competitors and this has increase there online reputation which increase there daily visitors and with that they have thousands of buyers who are waiting to buy your e-books depending on your location and or country
Blurb is actually a cool website they have nice interface and high ranking according to Alexa the site are focus or selling anything BOOKS which you can also sell your e-books there as well in addition they offer you the privilege to create a stunning and quality eBooks which won't only be distributed on there website but other platform like Amazon, Apple ibook and many more through them this will increase your chances of getting quick sale
Feiyr is a website that has taken over the space of there competitors into light as the company said they have been around since 2006 and with review from other website/ blogs they seems to be doing pretty well in the line of E-books publications and Distribution but when i check through the site i found out that you need to pay 9 euro to get started but registration is free which might not be the best option for small businesses of bloggers but for people who knows what they want you can give them a try
Fiver are also are ranked as the most visited Marketplace where thousands of people visit every day, On fiver you can buy and sell anything that can help a business or organisation grow, Fiverr is the best place to sell your E-books they have build an online reputations that has increase there trust, But one thing about Fiverr is if you aren't active on the site maybe 2 times in a week you are likely to loose your Books or whatever you are selling cause they may think you are no longer selling due to inn activeness so always ensure you are visiting the site as times goes on Also do note that on fiverr you will be available to deliver your e-books manually as fiverr don't deliver automatically for you


Since you are the owner of your blog you can sell your ad space to advertisers for them to use it to either drive traffic to there blog or gain impression, many bloggers today make up to $5k-$25k every month selling there ads space to advertisers, Well the plain truth about selling ads space is you need at lease traffic above 5k to start selling your ads to advertisers, Gone are the days when you will need to write proposals to companies before you can make money selling your ads space at this new digital era everything has change below are sites you can join to sell your ads space and start making money
Buysellads has proven themselves to be the number one direct banner advertising network, Thousands of bloggers with high ranking and large traffic are already earning from buysellads which is the dream of many bloggers to get buysellads approval, Following some write up from other blogs seems like buysellads will be taking over google adsense in the nearest future cause many publishers has dump there google adsense for buysellads or run buysellads along with google adsense but the major problem is buysellads don't approve small blogs what they mostly want is traffic if you have up to 20k - 50k view a month then you can give them a try the reason you will love buysellads is you can sell ads space at your own fix price e.g $2500 upwards, and advertisers will still be bidding your space that why people love buysellads
adclerk is a fast growing network that came into light into 2012 since buysellads demands for bigger publishers with million traffics adclerk demand for small publishers with minimum traffic as 5k view per day can get you connected with adclerk and still advertisers are still using adclerk to get there business out to the world in addition adclerk offer you many other interesting ways to earn money like sponsor tweet and lot more why not give adclerk a try before they increase there approval requirement
Adsella is also another growing ad network which give you the power to monetize your blog and get revenue for it with low traffic as low as 1k view per day you can start using adsella in addition adsella gives almost 80% of the advertising revenue to the publisher which means you can make more money from adsella if you know what you want
Oio publisher are also another option for bloggers they give you the power to control your ads space and making money you can also keep 100% revenue of your ads space no hidden charges are applied you can visit the site to learn more about oio publisher
Well i never knew this was still on until when my dad wanted to advertise his business and choose them wow!! that was how i knew about advertise space so i will be saying they are cool they offer you more like buysellads and publishers love them but the only thing about them is they are not well recognized worldwide but they still have advertisers on there network who are willing to your for your adspace depending on your fixed price so capture the heart of an advertiser don't make your price too scary lol make it easy work in a range of $50 to $100 you can fix high price on BSA and ADCLERK as they have thousands of advertisers


You can make money from sponsoring a post on your blog, You don't need to wait for your advertisers to locate your blog and click on sponsor post !!! don't make it be that way instead get your blog out to advertisers let them discover your potential and how your blog can impact to there business, As at now many advertisers love to use sponsor post to give there business exposure and the hard part about it is that they won't find or see your blog if you have't make your blog viral, increase page rank, guest post from other blogs, that is why you need to find them cause without them you won't make money so find them they are more like your missing hit and the best way to do that is to join SPONSOR POST PROGRAMS many and thousands of advertisers this days no longer have the time to start looking for blogs to sponsor post with instead they have leave that part for third-party companies to handle all that what they do now is to register as an advertiser and look for publishers so today i am going to list top site that you can get sponsor post from see below
Is one of the most trusted and visited site to find opportunities as a blogger they connect with top advertisers and company who wants to give there business and brands the exposure it demands the platform has about 200k bloggers and thousands of advertisers registered under there networks i have two blogger friends who have actually been paid through Blogdash i think i will contact them later to screenshot there information and send to me so i can make a proof of them here, They are pretty cool and easy platform to connect you with sponsor post from brands and businesses around the world
I have registered with social spark but haven't start getting sponsor post due to i haven't been active there for some while now but a cousin of mine in Florida was the one who recommended them with a good credit so i googled them online and see that they are worth the Ice, Social spark is a site that connect both influencers and business owners in one place they give you the power to control what you want which is sponsor post they have thousands of companies registered under them and they have work with top companies as well you can make up to $10-$150 from just a single sponsor post or review from the site
Tapinfluence are respected among there competitors they are leading the marketing automation by connecting bloggers with brands who wants to get there business viral or need to be outstanding once you are been approved you do not need to stress your self as they are the one that will will send you campaigns that you need to join but one thing is i don't know what there minimum requirement for page view, And also for now i don't really have more information about them neither do they have an ABOUT US PAGE on there site to read about them but i hope with time i will update this post
Pollinate are strictly for united state and Canada based bloggers with a minimum of 20,000 page view per month then also your blog must be 6 months old with enough content this are there requirement you can join if you meet up to it cause the site is highly respected an you must definitely get sponsor post from the site
this one are cool they are trademarked company and that makes them cooler !!ya they give you easy access and also prepare you for the right advertisers to connect with you and also you will have to make your profile more attractive and captivating add all your social media handles they also demand for your google analytics to know how many traffic you get a day to a month
Well i don't really have much Information about them but they claim to be the first based influence website that connect bloggers to brand but one thing about them is you must have at least 2500 social media followers and visitors and your blog must be up to date




If you have huge traffic on your blog like 500k page view and potential readers then you can decide to collect little penny from other bloggers who wants to use your blog to drive traffic to there own site. Well other bloggers do accept guest for free but it not a compulsory fact that all bloggers must do the same thing i which i could write tops blogs that collect money for guest posting on there blogs but it 20 minute past my work closing time but maybe when i get home i will update this post you can check back if you like this Number 4 tips besides there is one thing you need to know you need at least 50k daily view to 500k monthly view to start collecting money for guest post

FINALLY: this are the ways you can beat google adsense out of your way or add it all together and earn like a PRO you deserve the best that's why i have written this post so you can be outstanding i may not know you reading this post but i want you to succeed in your blogosphere and earn more like a blog genius so please the least you could do for us is to share this post it nothing when you share post and i also believe if you want more content like this you can subscribe below no email required


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