Welcome to our blog friend i am Richard Odey by name i am a blogger web designer, Social media advertiser, and ideologist i am the owner of this blog and today i have written this post because i want to show you how you can make money online through blogging, Many people thinks blogging is a kind of hard stuff but i bet you after reading this posts you will know that blogging is as simple as ABC That what we are here to explain to you just as you have been redirected here there is one thing you should know that YES you can make huge money from blogging, Just as Linda ikeji Owner of Linda ikeji's blog and Makinde owner of Naijaloaded are making money from there prospective blogs that just the same way you can create yours and start making money | Well over the years a lot people feel that blogging is mend for only people who know how to code a website but that a total lie | blogging is a simple way of sharing useful information through the world wide web and you also can be part of the blogging depending on what you want to do but before i proceed on guiding you on how to become a blogger and start making money online there are question that i know for sure will be running through your mind see below


Yes you can blog if you really have the determination to do it | Some people started blogging with a less important value but later when they started seeing the impact from it they put more effort and it became a large source of income for them, Example are Lailas Blog {  A female News, and Controversial blogger in Nigeria } One thing you should know is that blogging can help you build an engaging community with friends and new people in Nigeria and over abroad { This my blog bloggarians have help me connect and meet with people i never thought i could ever meet with and that pretty amazing to me cause they are all amazing people } So blogging is mend for you YES first if you never knew anything of such you wouldn't have visited this post to learn more about it so know that


From the beginning of blogging as of early 2003-2010 blogging was never easy cause there was no way someone could monetize his or her blog to start making money from it but not now when there are many ways you can make money from a blog example's are as listed below

1. Google adsense

You may not know what Google adsense is but let me tell you { Google adsense is a monetizing program that allows anyone to make money from his or her blog through showing advertisement on your blog and give you money in return depending on when people click the adverts { As over the years Google adsense are considered as the number one most trusted program for monetizing a blog for it users with 100% assurity

2. Sponsored Post

A sponsor post is when a company or a self individual wants to promote a particular post on your blog for example {"if i am a brand i can contact you that i want you to help me sponsor my company post on your blog } at this point me as the brand will be sending you a post containing whatever i am writing about and all you need to do is to post it to your blog and tag it Sponsor post so that when your visitors are reading the post they will know that this is a post are sponsored but owned by another company } i know right now the question that you will be most concern about is what particularly are sponsor post like { for example sponsor post can be when a company send you a mail to help them sponsor there PRESS RELEASE | OFFICIAL DINNER PARTY | PRODUCT REVIEW and lot more but why an individual that wants to sponsor a post on your blog can send you material like NEW ALBUM LAUNCHING | NEW MOVIE LAUNCHING | A RE-SCHEDULE OF CONCERT and lot more well there are still many thing a company can send you for sponsor post this i have listed above are just based on categories i have worked it

3. Direct advertising

A direct advertising is when a company or an individual contact you to help them promote there company by placing there company advert on your site which in return they will pay you per as you have charge them for the advert { Linda ikeji made her millions from direct advertising which big companies work with her followed by bella naija and the rest you know, So the big question is if they can make it huge from blogging then why can't you make it from blogging as well the one thing i believe is if you take this my comprehensive guild to blogging then you will make a profitable table of blogging and kick to star line

4. Selling advertising space

Just as i have detailed in number 3 above direct advertising is when a company call or send you a mail that they want to feature there self on your blog which is advertising there company on your blog { The thing is you may ask yourself this question how many companies wants to contact a small / newbie blogger like me | yeah maybe what you are thinking is true but the comprehensive truth about blogging is you don't have to wait for companies to call you or send you emails before you make money the thing is you have to let them know that you exist and the only way to do that is to join many advertising networks like


This network have already made it easy for you to contact advertisers easily and start getting paid advertising for other companies | This ways you can make money from blogging with this services as listed above one thing you should know as well is that this services are not hard to apply for once you create your blog the way you can start making money from your blog is to apply for those services and you are ON


This is a one question that so many newbie ask themselves { What can i blog about ? } you can blog about anything you find useful, the difference between a blog and a website is blogging are ways you can share useful and and vital information that concerns people round the world wide web (www) why a website is solely based on sharing corporate information concerning only a company and company alone | you can create a blog to emphasize on sharing Entertainment matters, News, fashion, music lyrics, weddings, events, electronics, hand-made craft, health matter, body fitness, what-so-ever you find interesting and want the world to know about it you can share it through blogging, so the interesting thing about life is we all as humans have things we love and would want the world to know about it ( do not think that what you love may be too awkward for people to know of ) that's where you get it wrong what so ever you think is awkward more than 3 Million people out there are waiting to discuss it as topic with you so think tall


Blogging is something that needs time to be able to accomplish your mission | one thing about blogging is that the time fracture of blogging works with the niche you are on wait !!! a niche is what you are blogging about Entertainment is a niche Fashion is a niche so what so ever you blog about is a niche { so blogging time works depending on niche } If you are an entertainment blogger then time is what you really are going to have as an obstacle of making your million of dollars ahead but don't panic you have me i have also made timing a part of the MODULE which i have explained how you can schedule post to drop at a particular hour just keep reading till we get to the module but be rest assured that i got your back | As for blogging and working YES you can work and blog at the same time and still be like people who blog constantly all this i have made it part of this MODULE just keep reading till we get there


Hmm here is the final and most concern question people wants to know about | well let's draw a little board of understanding here, Let me say YES blogging require money and at the same time NO i will break this into understanding for you | There are two website that are used for blogging one is WordPress while number two is Blogger if you are using blogger to blog then you require nothing to start blogging while if you want to blog on WordPress you will be required to buy a hosting account and domain which has to deal with using money to buy it | Now you see let me continue on blogger if you register you will be provided with a sub-domain by blogger which is something like ( hope you are following !! now what is a domain and sub-domain { a domain is the .com attach to your blog name } why a sub-domain { well a sub-domain is kind of different fom a domain for example a sub-domain can been seen like this} if you aren't still cleared then let me use my own blog as example, If you look at the address bar of this blog you will see Now the { is a domain } so if i want to create another blog under my bloggarians i will have to create a sub-domain like { } Let me continue so blogger give you the power to create your blog for free without you spending a dime for it so i would recommend following me as i am guiding you on how to create a free blog on blogger like mine

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On the next module i am going to teach you how to get started on Blogging | If you really are ready to start blogging i am going to guild you on how to blog and make money like a Professional so my next post will drop on 24th 09 2017 which is on Sunday so save the date follow us on Facebook and twitter so you can easily be notified when the next post drop i bet you you will LOVE AND UNDERSTAND BLOGGING  Just in case you have any question do not hesitate to ask me through he comment box and i will share with you solution's to the problems 


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