You are Amazing we are Amazing too we can assure you that we will give you the best of our service and serve your ads to the right visitors, This website is not just a blog any more over the years with high and Valuable information we have provide to both bloggers Entrepreneurs and Webmasters we have been able to gain more potential readers and return back and new visitors, you can trust us all we want you to do for us is just to make your Banner or whatever ways you want to advertise with us very responsive so that visitors will find comfort in clicking through it

This are our price for Advertising on

SIDEBAR ADS 250X300 25,225 Naira which is $70 for International clients

SIDE BAR ADS 300X600 52,000 Naira which is $145

SIDEBAR ADS: 250X250 14,420 Naira which is $40 for International clients

LEADER BOARD: Leader board is 61,285 Naira which is $170 for International clients

IN POST ADS: In post ads is 16,500 Naira which is $46  for International clients (Text formats only)

FULL SCREEN ADS: Full screen adverts is 171,237 Naira which is $475 for International clients

WALLPAPER ADS: Not Available for now

You may ask yourself what is in post ads:  In post ads are ads that are shown inside our post whenever visitors are viewing our post they will also been seen your adverts please also note that your in post ads must be in text formats and it will rotate

You may ask yourself what is full screen ads: Full screen ads are ads that are shown to our visitors once they visit our site, Once a visitor visit our site your ads will pop-up full screen to the user which will captivate his or her attention and give you more clicks on your advert

COMING SOON: we have more plans on building a better engagement with you and our visitors with more ads style stay tune

SO WHAT NEXT: Contact our advertising department let get started immediately

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Bloggarians is a website that has 4 working staff for now we are committed to branding your business till it reaches it goal, so that why we have take time to train ourselves so companies we work with will find comfort in what we do, Just above are ways you can get potential visitors from our site to your site through advertising, But may be enough for you and you want to get %100 percent exposure then check this out

EMAIL MARKETING: When it comes to marketing of all types we won't say we are the best but we are excellent to be the best cause we have premium tools that is attach to our business style that will get your business outstanding  and deliver your content straight to Inbox not spam or junk we have over 500k Active Nigeria Email subscribers on this on our blog and 200k from other countries so we can get your business out through email marketing, which is we will deliver your advert through content marketing to this emails and their chances that your business will get it exposure it deserves

SOCIAL MEDIA PROMOTION: Social media promotion is the No.1 way a business can gain it recognition as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as reach stardom with over 1 Billion users registered on there networks so we can let your business come out from the hidden and give it the exposure it needs through social media advertising, we will target audience who really have been looking for your type of business or related

BULK SMS MARKETING: Bulk sms is a grand style for any business who wants to get massive exposure, As your advert will be delivered as sms to more than 10 million Nigeria phone number with a captivating headline that will get them to check out whatever you are advertising but the only disappointing part about BULK SMS is we can't target your ads to foreign numbers it is only for Nigeria so if you want to get exposure in Nigeria then we can give you assurance with BULK SMS MARKETING

BUILD AN ONLINE PRESENCE: If your company has a website or a blog then you can build an online presence that makes your business outstanding for people who wants to know more about you for example if you check through "Bloggarians" on google you will see the way it been lined up by google it never easy for websites to get to that stage but we can do that for you by increasing your crawl rate and also optimizing your website for better search experience

CREATE A WIKIPEDIA FOR YOU: Ya!! our bloggarians temars teams can write a Wikipedia for your business and it will give you maximum exposure for life and forever as long as Wikipedia still maintain there site your company card will be visible to users who wants to know more about you and read about how your company started then it through Wikipedia which is an Online trust that your business is worth it

This are the other ways we can grow your business if you want to get started then contact our sales department team we will get back to you immediately

Tell: +2348100532592
Office Address: Under construction